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MMCA logoSince 2008, Bay Pile Driving has been a member of the Maryland Marine Contractors Association.


This non-profit organization has the goal of promoting safety among marine construction contractors, as well as representing the interests of all stakeholders with regard to development of waterfront properties. Visit the MMCA website for more information.


Maryland Marine Construction Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a pier or boat dock for my home?


The cost varies greatly by the area (square footage) of the decking, the materials used, water depth and the geographic location. However, on the low end, you can expect a new pier to cost approximately $30 per square foot for natural wood. Modern composite materials are up to four times this cost.


residential pier during construction on the Chesapeake BayDo I need a permit to build a small pier on my own property?


Actually, you'll need more than one permit. Permits are required from the State and your local County for any shoreline/marine construction. Some towns and cities also have their own permit requirements. See our Permit Services page for more information.


Does Bay Pile Driving do any commercial construction?


Yes, we have completed several commercial projects, as well as state and federal projects. Please contact us if you would like a bid for your commercial project.


How long does it take to complete a pier?


The permitting process can take several months. And of course the construction process can vary greatly depending upon the size of the project. In most cases, however, we can complete a residential project in a week or less, once all permits have been obtained.


new erosion control system during constructionWill my yard or shoreline be disturbed by the construction?


While we do our best to disturb the shoreline as little as possible, the nature of any construction project requires that the ground be disturbed. Rest assured that Bay Pile Driving will restore your yard and/or shoreline to its original condition or better, based upon our discussions and the contract specifications prior to the start of the project.


How long can I expect my new pier to last? Will it require much maintenance?


Piers built with wood will require more maintenance than those built with modern composite materials. A typical lifespan of natural wood decking is 8-10 years with regular cleaning and maintenance, while composite decking can last as long as 20 years with very little maintenance.



How can we ever Thank You for a wonderful job you have done for us. The work was more than we expected and the last few days our family have totally enjoyed crabbing and fishing off the pier. Also, tell all the nice men working for you that we appreciate their hard work and energy.

Nancy & Bob S.












Bay Pile Driving is fully licensed and insured in the State of Maryland.


Educated consumers are urged to beware of contractors that are not licensed and fully insured in the state in which work is being done.

A contractor should be eager to show you his license in the form of a wallet-size card, or a full-size certificate.

Take down the number and search for it online (Maryland DLLR website) to be sure it is still valid.


Also be sure to ask for a certificate of insurance for workman's compensation and liability. If your contractor does not have these,

and a worker is injured on your property, YOU could be held liable for any medical bills!

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